Driving Innovation, Empowering Businesses!
NB Ventures, rooted in the legacy and spirit of pioneering entrepreneurs, is a versatile venture capital company that funds fledgling startups and flourishing enterprises across diverse sectors. Our relentless pursuit of novelty propels us to collaborate with visionary founders who are at the helm of tomorrow's enterprises. We have invested in more than 50 startups and added tremendous value to the founders by working closely with them and helping them raise additional growth capital. With the robust backing of Mr. Neeleshwar Bhatnagar, we have been expanding and diversifying our investment portfolio since the year 2016.

Driving Innovation, Empowering Businesses!

Steeped in the legacy of pioneering entrepreneurs, NB Ventures is a dynamic venture capital firm. We fund startups and established businesses across sectors, driven by a passion for innovation. Collaborating with visionary founders, we've invested in 50+ startups, enhancing their growth through close partnership and additional capital. Guided by Mr. Neeleshwar Bhatnagar, our portfolio expansion began in 2016.